Our Services

Our selected CPA Wealth Advisors are well qualified to assist you with:

Personal Financial Planning:

We refer our clients only to carefully vetted CPA wealth advisors whom we believe  are well qualified to assist you with all areas of personal financial planning including estate, retirement, investment, insurance and education planning. Each of the above areas overlap and, taken together, often have material tax implications. Our recommended CPA Wealth Advisors are CPAs who specialize in personal financial planning and combine these skills with their extensive tax expertise, along with their commitment to high ethical standards, to provide valuable, objective advice.

Creating and growing the resources needed to reach your financial and lifestyle goals starts with a well-crafted investment strategy. CPA wealth advisors work with you to provide the solid foundation on which you can build a sound investment plan. Our CPA Wealth Advisors can:

  • •Evaluate your assets, liabilities and cash flow;
  • •Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the full range of investment options; 
  • •Develop a plan that meets your short-term and long-term financial goals; and 
  • •Provide strategies for managing a sudden financial setback or windfall.

Budgeting & Investing:

  • Devise practical savings and investment strategies to meet your unique goals and objectives;
  • Help you develop a flexible budget; and
  • Help monitor and revise your budget.

Income Tax Planning & Preparation:

  • With ongoing required continuing education requirements, CPAs keep up with constant changes in tax laws so they can provide you with prudent year round tax counsel and consider the tax consequences of events in your investment planning;
  • Design tax savings strategies you can follow;
  • Clarify the impact of the latest tax laws; 
  • Identify the long-term and short-term tax consequences of your spending, investment and other financial decisions;
  • Prepare your tax returns and counsel you through tax-return issues; and 
  • Provide IRS representation, if needed.

Estate Planning:

  • Our preferred CPA's will provide a professional and comprehensive approach to estate planning; 
  • Review wills, trusts, retirement plans and other estate-planning Documents; and
  • Develop a strategy designed to fulfill your goals while preserving assets, reducing estate-tax liability and providing for sufficient liquidity.

Retirement Planning

It is never too late to plan for retirement; however, the sooner your planning begins, the more financially prepared you are likely to feel when retirement time arrives. Specialized guidance and support from a CPA can be integral in developing a plan to effectively pursue your goals of a secure and comfortable retirement and peace of mind during your pre-retirement years. Our selected CPA wealth advisors can:

  • Review expenses;
  • Identify primary sources of retirement income;
  • Create strategies for preserving and growing retirement  balances;
  • Recommend a diverse range of tax-efficient financial tools; and
  • Develop a contingency plan.

Education Planning:

You and your family can look to the future with confidence when you have a well-planned strategy for funding education costs. With a plan that features a CPA's tax-savvy investment advice and guidance, we can help bring your education-funding objectives within reach. Our recommended CPA wealth advisors can:

  • Create a timely, diverse college-investment strategy; 
  • Explain education tax credits and deductions; 
  • Recommend ways for the student to become involved in the planning process; and
  • Keep your education plan updated.

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